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  Remarks from CEO
  Company credibility
  Operation principle
  Company competency
        Zhejiang JiYang Construction Group Co.,Ltd lays stress on enterprise spirit of “be pioneering and enterprising,be relastic and make innovations,”and guarantees the products’ quality in accrdance with ISO9001:2000 system , “being in the Service of human construction business who leheartedly” is the group top purpose .It is objective a Struggle is to create best enterprise image.
        Many stars will make s stars spangled sky .A gathering of heros must develop a flour is hing enterprise.Construction Group Co.,Ltd is wide like the blue sky ,the prospect of JiYang Construction Group Co.,Ltd invites people with Lofty ideals to build human beautiful home and to create centurial glorous achievements.
        Thank all the friends for many years support and Solieitude.We will contribute our to the construction of human progress and civilization.